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Saturday, February 18, 2006

some friend photos and a dose of winter

I just thought I would add some pictures of my housemates and holland...

we are all crowded around some stellar artichoke dip...

This is a sweet scene in Holland. Fall is definitely a good time to be alive here.

It's nice to look at pictures of summer and fall because right now we're in a snow storm. my relationship with winter is special. on one side, i remember getting up extra early to do chores when i lived on a farm in iowa... i think of them fondly now, but back then i was bitter - cold and otherwise:)

but now, especially in holland, i can look and appreciate the big, fluffy flakes. sometimes it feels/looks like sprinkling cotton candy from the sky. i do enjoy that. .. and sometimes I even like walking through it. but today, for some reason i'm just cold.

it's that kind of day that you wish you were still in high school because class would be canceled and (where I lived) you wouldn't be able to get out. SO... bring on the hot chocolate, good books, movies, and lounging. ...

maybe that's why today is less exciting - it's saturday, i'm working, i have homework for classes that won't be canceled on monday, and i am tromping around in the snow... but that doesn't make it any less beautiful... i think we might try to go sledding later... always a good choice of winter activity!:)

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