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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

loving on piwnicej zdroj


My time here has been amazing so far. The people are so easy to love and have so many stories to share. I have made many, many friends with children, adults, and a college student, Ania. Even if the friendship is broken English with many hand signs, it is wonderful all the same. THe children have taken to teaching me Polish and I am learning - very slowly, but it makes them laugh.

It is too beautiful to describe. I went to a castle with some of the students a couple days ago - it was almost 400 years old. Can you imagine?

Tomorrow the camp is taking a field trip to another castle and waterfall...to practice English, of course! The teaching is going well, even if I was uncomfortable at first. God has used the team in many ways - how wonderful that I can be a part of this! I have so many more stories, but I have to catch the bus back to Beskid and can't be late.

OH! ANd the Lord provided a place for me to stay in Cracow for four days! Praise God it is free and in a good place!

Please pray for open hearts as we try to show these beautiful people the difference between salvation as a free gift and doing good works.

i must go!

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