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Friday, March 02, 2007

**we interrupt this program***

I wasn't a fool. I knew as sure as the sun shining in the blue sky that Spring could not be so soon. Sadly, the green buds breaking the sopping surface didn't get the memo.

In any case, today is a day of fierce winds and swirling snowflakes. I have finished my classes for the day and I'm headed to relax for a bit. I thought if I wrote a mini-update I would feel less overwhelmed the next time I sat down.

Here are just a few things I've been jotting down and meaning to write on:
The other day in chapel I joined voices to lift up praises of a seasoned, savory sort. I have always felt the Body drawn together in connecting with the words and people of our past. The song, "I'll Fly Away" is one of those eloquent and sure reminders that is just as true as it was then: our life here on earth is inextricably wound up in our life eternal. Mmm... and amen!
This is just a mind-picture I've been tossing around (not to be confused with reactance theory or social facilitation which are also being senselessy jostled about up there). It's an analogy of sorts involving our lives being like tissue paper. Alone the paper has no special magnificence. I mean, it serves its purpose as decoration and enhancing aesthetics on gifts, but alone it holds little interest. But, for those who enjoy crafts, you know that tissue paper can be combined to make something quite beautiful. I guess the crafter usually uses modge podge, but for the sake of my analogy I want to use water. Tissue paper, when water is added, takes on a truer color. Even the faintest touch of water gradually consumes the whole piece, bringing new attraction and a transparent quality. Maybe this is completely overboard (I'm a bit rusty as far as analogies go), but it speaks to me about the beauty of the Holy Spirit's presence (or consumption) of my life.
Real quickly. .. I was standing in the Gathering last week (our college's Sunday night service) and as we started to sing I had the overwhelming urge to move. The music was not just speaking to my mind and lips, but it was asking to burst through my fingers and stretch through my toes. I pictured the extensions of praise through movement and dance and immediately had to crawl over several others to find more space. I walked to the back of the chapel and quickly lost my nerve. I found a half-empty pew and without looking at anyone around me just took up the space by stretching my arms and face toward heaven. I didn't end up dancing. But, I haven't quite figured it out... there's something about worship consuming my entire being, all of my faculties. The music of my soul rises up and doesn't just seek notes, but the movement of life. I feel most alive when I can sense my muscles stretching, reaching, moving to the sound of an eternal, holy chorus.
(call it 'new age' or call me a little too 'in touch' ... but there is such joy here!)
I have to add a funny story here!
Just this past week, I got a call from my mom saying that friends of the family were coming to Hope with their daughter for a college visit and I should be expecting a phone call. Well, being a senior myself and knowing the stress of my own decision four years ago, I was more than happy to share my experiences.

I talked to the mom and we arranged to meet for lunch in the campus cafe. I went to chapel that morning as usual and sat with my friend. This was one of those days I felt the Lord calling my arms to flail and legs to bounce. After this wonderful time of worship, I did a little homework and then set out to meet the expectant senior with parents in tow.

Sure enough, as I was walking towards them the mom said, "So, you're the one that was dancing in front of us in chapel today!" (Nice to meet you too!)
What a laugh!

Well, that's all I've got. I am hoping to not be swept away this weekend. I know Iowa has it real bad as well!

After this week is over I will have babysat 5/7 days and twice on one day! I know - it may seem like I'm a little anxious to move on to another phase of my life, but never fear! I think I'm realizing what my sister found out in NY - it's going to be awhile. a long while! :)

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