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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

LINKS for Wednesday

Today I just want to share a few links that have caught my eye recently or are old favorites:

Swiss Miss: this is a sweet design website that my friend Jared showed me... I defer to my sister on all things design, but this makes me think I could learn a thing or two and surprise her!

Justin Taylor: a wonderful blog to get a little taste of the theological without getting too weighed down by language.

Gospel Coalition: I still can't believe I was in on the groundbreaking conference last year at Trinity... this website is an outstanding resource for those who want to make life and the church about the GOSPEL

I've been wanting to post this video for awhile to see what people think, so here's the last link to John Piper's "The Gospel in 6 minutes." How does this strike you?

Okay, I've got to get some shut-eye. I'm waking up EARLY to do the Homeless Breakfast with some unusually eager students at 4:30 am!

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