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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekly Line-up

This week is extra special, because I will be at Bethany Camp. I want you to feel like you are right here with me, so I'll be live blogging from the camp each day to let you know some of the exciting things going on. In the meantime, Christina will be writing a couple posts - a few titles you may recognize from last week and maybe something new as well. Hope you enjoy!

Live Blogging from Bethany Camp

Tune in each day to read an update from Caroline, who is doing the missionary teaching at Bethany Camp in Brayton, Iowa.

Going Green: Good Steward Dilemma
A couple weeks ago, Christina wrote about her pledge to organic foods, but as Christians how do we reconcile news reels with Scripture? Read about her own search for answers.

Facebook Envy: When an Innocent Peruse Turns Sour
If you've ever used the social networking genius of facebook, you know that it can be addictive. This addiction sometimes means finding out who's engaged, who's pregnant, and who's traveling in Spain while you sit at your computer. Read Christina's thoughts on facebook envy and what to do about it.

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