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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Life in Honduras

This is one of the first things I posted in my classroom (well, the classroom I share with the curriculum developer, who is double-timing as 7th grade English teacher).

I found out a few days before school started that I would be in this particular classroom and because neither the English teacher nor I are full-time teaching, we didn’t have much time to dedicate to decorating. But, as I searched my brain for inspiration, I came up with this verse I first heard at CHALLENGE at Purdue University many years ago. I don’t remember much about the speaker, but I do remember she handed out a half sheet of neon green paper to each student present. Isaiah 7:9 was written in clear, bold script.

Why does this shine a light on my experiences thus far? Because, though I will never face the physical foes of the Old Testament, each day God gives me the exact amount that I can handle and the faith to accomplish it. And if we remember the stories from childhood - building on anything else is disastrous. Let me give you a few examples of what I could stand on here in Tegus:
  • my own ideas
  • selfish pride
  • my own knowledge
  • fear
  • anxiety
If your next question is, “Have you tried to stand on these?” The answer is yes to every one. And let me tell you - it takes much more energy to do something the wrong way! Just the other day, I came up with a great idea to expedite the guidance referral system, but almost before I puffed up with the idea, I found out the system was already in place.

Other such humbling experiences:
  • Today in psychology I was giving an example and I pointed to a student ... then promptly emptied my mind of anything resembling a name. I stood there for a few seconds with my hand outstretched and then I said, "Remind me of your name..." and then when he said it too softly, I just said, "uh-huh" and moved on.
  • Oh yeah, some of my students also thought I was 17
  • Having to wear the same clothes over and over again because my boxes have not arrived
  • Asking unheard of amounts of questions
So, the verse in my classroom is a reminder for me as much as anyone else. I’m just thankful the Lord gently guides and protects as I’m refined. Praise God for the things He knows that I don't!

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Mark said...

Thanks for the Honduras updates. My wife and I taught at Pinares a few years ago, now I'm a pastor in the states. I was just surfing the internet the other day to see if I could find any updates about Pinares, and google took me to your "Adventures in Teguc" website. Keep writing...I enjoy reading about what God is doing.