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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Design Lemons and Limes

Well, I have only a little time, but I did something very exciting tonight in the way of design... I bought fabric!! I went to El Centro (the city's center) and looked at the most fabulous fabric store - rows and rows and second floors of more rows of all types of fabric. For dresses and curtains and upholstery and blouses and fancy and plain and quaint and just wonderful things waiting to happen.

So, I went straight to where any woman in my family would go - the scrap pile. There was a table with odds and ends haphazardly collected and I found two wonderful pieces... one for my bedroom that ties my yellow walls into my leftover maroon college decor and the other more earthy tones to give our common area a more homelike feel.

This is only the beginning - I love the inspiration that comes from a color or a fabric...

But, unfortunately for me the follow-through doesn't always seem to happen. My design 'lemons' usually happen when I give up on a project. Like the time I took to painting a canvas for my office in Austin. Great inspiration, great time spent painting, but my ideas took way too much time and before I knew it I was packing an unfinished mediocre piece of art into the car for Iowa. Or like the time I thought it would be a good idea to cut up a couple ARIZONA tea cans and frame them in front of some fabric... as it turns out, the can is very thin and not easily straightened out. I collected frames and fabric and ended up packing those up too.

Anyway, to prevent any further diatribe on my design failures, I'll leave off tonight. I am pretty excited to see what inspiration comes about (and carries through) with this new fabric, though! I'm hoping it won't be another lemon story!

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- Christina said...

Can't WAIT to see pics of how the fabric works out for your house! I know it'll look great!