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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Garage sale- More trouble than its worth?

So, I had a garage sale this past week. A big, honking garage sale.
A garage sale that I thought would be great fun, that turned out to be... hard!

I had been planning for months for this garage sale. NOT. I decided to do it last week on a whim. Without consulting all my tried and true friends to see if they'd be around. Yes, there were many missteps in the garage sale process... But I was just so EXCITED! About getting money in my savings account! About stregthening my emergency fund (thanks, Dave Ramsey!) About getting rid of clutter I had lying around.

Low notes:
Well, I didn't have enough time to devote to pricing.
I didn't get many signs around the neigborhood.
I thought I could handle it all alone.
And it wasn't the best weekend of my life.
Lessons learned.

High notes:
My grandparents showing up, like garage sale angels, and helping me out for a few hours by re-arranging the merchandise and sweet-talking customers into buying things.
2 friends who spent hours keeping me company- Zac and Sarah- you guys are awesome!
The 140ish dollars I made- going straight to savings!
The great opportunity it was for me to meet neigbors! Kind of awkward meeting your neigbors over your used clothes, but still nice!

Next time, I'm picking a weekend my mom can help, putting lots of posters up, and paying cute elderly folks (hehe) to sweet-talk. A recipe for success :)

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