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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Being a Christian isn't about being good and nice

I was thinking about this after doing a bible study with my girls group a few weeks ago. We had been talking about the tongue, and how to keep our tongues under control. It was a decent discussion, but some of the girls' take-away thoughts left me thinking, "wow, they really don't get it..."

That got me thinking... the worst thing that can happen from this Bible study is that these girls go away, not gossiping, not slandering, not complaining... but not KNOWING the God who created the universe. You know? Because although one less gossiper is better for the world, the girl is no better without Christ.

WHICH got me thinking... you know, being a Christian isn't about being good. It really isn't. And I think that the fact that people have gotten it all a little confused has messed up a lot for God's Kingdom. The confusion between goodness and holiness, the confusion between being a good persona and being a sold-out soldier for Christ, this has not done good things for God's cause.

For really, we should not be known for being boring and good.
We should be known for our mercy, our love, our sacrifice. We should be known for sold-out service for our great King. We should be not good, but a revolution of Christlikeness.

And my Christ? Well, he was definitely not just nice. He changed the world.

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Ruth Ann said...

you amaze me. :) I love it. Great thoughts...especially for those of us who are always trying to get teens to be captivated by Christ.