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I'm a very determined kind of individual. Sometimes my determination is misplaced and things get very ugly. But, sometimes my determination leads to laughter, deep thoughts, and words on paper.

I write everything. I'm not very good at filtering ... so you will see it all. Maybe there will be a little inspiration for someone else along the way. I hope so. My sister also likes to guest blog and I'm sure you will appreciate her wit and wisdom.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

delightful surprise

I walked into my office after a break yesterday and found a plastic package sitting on top of scattered papers, ungraded quizzes, and cold tea. It was addressed to me, so I ripped it open to find these two gems of books by Joel Rosenberg.

They were sent directly from the distributor, so I'm not sure who my secret saint is, but I am superbly glad to have fiction I can jump into. What a delight this week will be! I was just talking with two good friends/mentors from my home state not too long ago about how they were starting their own little book club with his books and I envied a bit the idea of coffee and conversation over some challenging fiction. I can't wait to catch up with them!


Mrs. Nichols said...

You are welcome, my sweet daughter.

Caroline said...

You are simply too good to me!