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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Snapshots, Imprints, and Lessons Learned

Here is a collection of pictures to give you an idea as to the many happenings in my life as of late. Enjoy, comment, and question:)

These are a few pictures from our service project at the orphanage, Sociedad Amigos de los NiƱos.


These are pictures from the students who translated for the mission group from Dallas, Texas. We were in an orphanage and also a public school... a first for many of my students.

The mission group had an outreach event one evening and I was able to get a group of students to go and help translate and fellowship. They were expecting about 50 local teenagers and what they got was somewhere around 150! God is so very, very good! One of my students was able to share her testimony with this group, many of whom are caught in various struggles and looking for HOPE.

We played games and hung out... it was amazing to see privileged Americans, privileged Hondurans, and underprivileged Hondurans all hanging out and having fun together!

The theme for Bagope (the Baptist camp about 4 hours from our school) this year was "school on hill" ... taken from Matthew 5. We blasted our theme song, "In the Light" by DC Talk and encouraged one another to be lights for Christ in the most dark places.

We played games!

This is my team - the awesome PURPLE POIGNANT PLATYPI!

And we had a game show - PRICE IS RIGHT - where I was Barb Barker (80s style I guess!).

Then we heard the message about how one light can shine in the darkness (and it's rough), but many lights can bring hope and healing to the darkest of places. We wrote a drama and some of the students helped act it out to the song, "Go Light Your World." At the end the students were invited to the front to light their candles to symbolize the light in their hearts. Many stayed after and prayed, hugged, cried, and just loved on one another in our most vulnerable states.

This is the group of us - loving, living, and shining. Now, pray our lights won't burn out!

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Mrs. Nichols said...

Thank you, dear daughter, for letting your light shine in Honduras. And thank you, Lord, for letting us see the light clear up here in Iowa!