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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

it's so... cold?

Everyone in the region of my home state would guffaw me right off cyberspace if they heard me say this, but I'm saying it anyway, "I was cold today."

The dampness kind of crept in and up under my light corduroy jacket and kept my hands damp and kind of tingled my bones a little.

I just had to say that one thing about the cold and now I'll move on because I know of many others who are waking up super early to scrape ice off windshields and at night snuggle under electric blankets and trudge around in feet of snow in negative 25 temperatures. I'm sending my warmth to you, friends!

I kicked back with some more jasmine green tea tonight, but the craziness is starting to settle in. I found out this morning that I am going to speak this Friday on joy and suffering at our outreach event for 10-12 grades. What a topic! Ay!

Please comment with ideas and suggestions and love!


Mrs. Nichols said...

Ok, first the cold:
We are snowed in AGAIN. So no need to scrap ice off of windshields. Our road is closed and we are staying home. I may resort to running the stairs for exercise. I can offer sympathy for your plight, however. We, at least and thankfully so, have a wonderful furnace which keeps most of our house warm and toasty.
Secondly, joy and suffering:
In addition to the traditional passages on the topic, you might look at Nehemiah 8:10. I have been pondering this text since baby Isaac died and I have learned some things about the relationship between needing strength (as in suffering) and joy. Let me know if you want to pursue this further. Until then, dress in layers and drink lots of tea, my daughter!

Caroline said...

First... sorry, mom that you are snowed in... but is this an opportunity to slow things down and read a good book? :)

second... yes tell me more about nehemiah 8:10

third... I got your package today and squealed out loud in my office!