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Monday, February 01, 2010

with the Sun, delight

I guess I'm on a bit of a poetry kick these days and I don't mind at all. I hope you don't either. I finished reading "The Singer" by Calvin Miller at the same time that the song, "Come and Sing" by Brooks Ritter (see yesterday) was repeating on my ipod. To put it shortly: after (what could have been merely) a frustrating day, I realized something... If all I accomplished today was getting myself to that beautiful throne to join in the angels' song, then that would be just fine. If I made it there and just really belted out my heart full of gratitude, then this day was alive. This song just kind of bubbled out of that joy.
with the Sun, delight
straightaway I run 
to chase the kite
whipping, whirling forward 
in silent skyward flight

I run without care
abandoned and free
I race through golden rays
and dance the Sun with me

like a child to a mystery
I'll follow you on
like a melody to a symphony
I'll listen close the song

like a dawn to a day 
like a weekend to get away
like my heart to love
I'll follow you on

over flower meadows 
my chest heaves with defeat
the flimsy fantasy
seems to escape in repeat

I run heavy on
one sweet thought on my mind
I race the golden rays 
and with the Sun I'll dine

oh I'll race the golden waves
and with the Sun I'll dine

I run, careening careless 
with face stretched toward the bright
I race the golden waves
and with the Sun delight

I race the golden waves
and with the Sun delight


Mrs. Nichols said...

Love it. Could use a bit of your Honduran sun in bleak mid-winter Iowa!

Caroline said...

thanks, mom. wish I could send some sun! wish I could sing you the song :)

as you winter... winter well :) look up the song by Sojourn "Before the Throne of God Above" so good.