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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Come here often?

Some conversations around the coffeepot this week have centered around this question- where are our people hanging out?

No, not coffeeshops.

No, not at the Mall.

We're talking about online!

The big question of our week involves, where are our people hanging out on this big world wide web of ours?

Here is my question to you loyal blog-readers. Where do you 'hang out?' I'll come clean, here are my biggest online hangouts, in NO particular order.

1) People.com (Yes, embarrassing.)
2) Twitter. (Love it. Connects me to my amigos y amigas y FAMILIA!)
3) Facebook. (Mostly for ministry.)
4) Gmail. (For everything- documents, spreadsheets, email, pictures. You name it, gmail has it.)
5) Blogs. (Younghouselove.com, kaci-jo.blogspot.com, alanandsteph@blogspot.com, and jonkalvig.com, and OF COURSE, this blog :) are frequent-visit places.)
6) Hulu. (The perfect solution for people who aren't at home when their shows are.)

Where are YOU hanging out?


kaci jo said...

reader.google.com for my one stop blog stalking :)




care_oh_line said...

1) twitter.com for stalking interesting news, music, people, and art
2) facebook for wasting time and stalking students
3) WORLDmag.com to get news and keep up-to-date with things stateside
4) www.thegospelcoalition.org for keeping up with all my favorite theologians
5) www.briterevolution.com to keep up with my indie music
6) various blogs, like my mom's www.myafricansons.blogspot.com