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Thursday, April 29, 2010

pray for baby nichols

Hello friends!

I just finished a fairly big project and I'm not as happy as I should be, but there is something to jump for joy about today.... and that is BABY NICHOLS on the way!

Please pray for my parents tonight (www.myafricansons.blogspot.com) as they travel across several states to reach my brother and sister-in-law, who are super ready to bring their daughter into the world tomorrow morning.

This baby is already loved so deeply and so well. I'm praying for strength and for energy and for joy when the family of two becomes three. :)
Here's a few thoughts about it:
i'm not sure what you are thinking, little one,
but i wonder these things as i cover you with love

are you excited to enter this new world?
will you see its beauty?

what will you reach for
and toward what will you run?

will you twirl in circles and sun rays?
and will you love to dance?

how will you smile and will you love laughter?
and how will you like your chocolate?

oh, little one, i wonder these things
while i pray over you and sing

oh, little one, don't you know, you are loved!
you are so dearly loved!

Friends, please pray! Pray for safety and for God's blessing over the delivery tomorrow!


Katie and Bret said...

Definitely praying!!!!!

Mrs. Nichols said...

Lost my email connection and facebook won't work either- I'll try this. Let me know if you get this.

care_oh_line said...

Yes! I got this message! Sorry your connection is bad... I am keeping in touch with the delivery via twitter: www.twitter.com/coachnichols which has been like being right in the room :)

Hope you are doing well, mama bear!

Mrs. Nichols said...

Good- you may know as soon as I do!

care_oh_line said...

Maybe now is the time to start a twitter account? :)

care_oh_line said...

BABY NICHOLS IS HERE!!!!! I'm waiting for more details! :)

care_oh_line said...

Natalie Renee is her beautiful name! :)

Mrs. Nichols said...

Don't know many details and haven't seen her yet. Over 8 pounds- everyone doing fine.

care_oh_line said...
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care_oh_line said...

hey mom!!!! how is baby nichols doing? i want to see her!!!!! now!!! i bet she is so cute!!!! i have not met her and i already love her!!!_----- Diana Diaz!!!