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Monday, February 27, 2006


the concert on saturday was amazing... just loved it. i got to wear a sweet staff shirt and help manage the 'will call' line. last names with h-p got to talk to me. :) but, the value of working an event is more than i expected. not only did i get in free ($10 value), I also got to load in and load out the band.

yep..the manager's name was beef. i thought that was pretty cool. afterwards we tore down and the lead singer from mae was just chilling outside as we loaded up the trailer. bands are nice. it was a good show, too. the baldy on the keyboards was going crazy, really getting into the music, which made my being directly in front of the speakers by the stage more than bearable.
oh-smile-it was a good night. not to mention i got to hang out with some friends before - nicole, meghan, and danielle. and i got to meet some new friends too- nicole's sister, christina (i know- how random), and her friends from cornerstone are the bomb.
i auditioned for a part in their remake of Mean Girls and I totally made it. i'm the girl that yells in the bathroom. anyway - friends make me happy.
here are a couple pictures from the night

actually, i was talking to my good friend pat on friday and it sounded like maybe possibly he might drive up to the concert on saturday. later i found out it was a no-go, but that turned out to be awesome, because will, dusty, and casey ended up surprising him at 430 in the a.m.
i love surprises. even when they are for other people. i talked to pat and he said they had a ball of a time saturday and that made me happy too. i am pretty bloomin' thankful for those boys back home!

in other news: last night nicole and i almost got hit by a train.

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