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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Online Style- not for the faint of heart!

If you had a lot of fabric, wouldn't this idea be awesome with the craft ideas I've given you the last few days? perfect for an apartment, where you want to make your child's room magical, but aren't allowed to paint. I have had this pic on my desktop for ages, I love it so :)

Sidenote: Spent last night "rocking out" with my friends in the band Vow of Silence. The music was great, the company was amazing, the dancing and moshing by hilarious friends of mine made me cry I was laughing so hard (I'm going to want to see those pictures!) and I drove all the way home with a big old smile on my face.

And arrived home to some blessings from the Lord in my mailbox! Thank you, Lord! Oh, and along with the blessings? Two samples from the Walmart website. What were the samples? One was a men's bodywash, and one was a "serenity" adult underpant in a box too big to fit in the mailslot. Along with my couponing, I've also been signing up for samples of products. Even though these are kind of weird products to be excited about, one never knows when they'll be invited to a "over-the-hill" party, and I'm sure that the adult underpant will come in very handy when I get said invitation :)

I'm sure Caroline would love your prayers, as her and Mom pack up and drive back home to Iowa from Austin! She's had such a wonderful time in Austin, and it will be so sad to leave...

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