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Saturday, November 01, 2008

first day of sun

Well, today marked the first day of sunshine in a very long time! I know - it seems strange. You might think that, being in central america, it would always be sunny here. That is simply not the case! I have been bundled in several layers, drinking hot tea and decaf coffee for several weeks straight it seems as the winds and rains whip at my window.

But, as I said, today there was sunshine! We went down into the city to get groceries and the temperature difference was between 12-14 degrees! On the way back up the mountain it felt as if we were entering a different climate completely.

In any case, after we got re-acclimated (and I bought some fresh fall-color flowers on the way), we joined other students and staff in the 24-7 prayer room to hear a short concert and testimony from Benny Prasad. I can't tell you what a treat it was to hear how the Lord has blessed this man with an amazing ministry that he takes all over the world. Check out his website to read more!

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