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Friday, November 07, 2008

there's a party going on right here

While Christina is serving the Lord and the students at the concert and lock-in, I am going to share a mini story about the amazing redemption the Lord is bringing here, to Pinares.

This week was spiritual emphasis week, as I wrote earlier, and the topic was spiritual warfare. I didn't know this until today, but the students were expecting flashing lights and dramatic skits, because in the past teams from the US have come down for the week. Well, the week wasn't flashy or elaborate, it was just plain old teachers standing up to testify to the spiritual, unseen battle.

Daniela is one of my 10th graders who has rolled her eyes at me more than once. Her attitude is unpredictable and she can be moody. But, tonight the Lord did an amazing work in her life that was even surprising to her. We had an outreach for the high school kids tonight and after worship the students had a chance to share a testimony. The very last one was Daniela, who shared that just minutes before during worship, she accepted Christ into her heart.

Through tears she told of how the Lord had been working in her life throughout the week, nudging and encouraging. By her own admission, she has a temper and is frustrated easily, but God persisted and she is the cause of a glorious celebration in heaven tonight.

Praise God for the work of redemption and restoration!


Mark said...

Awesome...prayer and simplicity allows God to get all the glory for what he does. I love Pinares and pray for God to continue the work he's started this week.

Caroline said...

Just as a follow up... another young girl trusted Christ that night as well - praise the Lord!