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Friday, February 20, 2009

photo scavenger hunt!

If you haven't participated in an unruly competition of 'photo scavenger hunt' I sincerely suggest it. Last night, I was chilling with a few amazing students for dinner when the plan hatched. For the next 15 minutes we hastily made the rules:

45 minutes
take a picture of each thing on the list
meet back at Quizno's
winner gets the glory

I know, not exactly complicated, but A LOT of fun! We split up into teams of two and captured these moments on camera (not mine because I was silly and left it at home):
-chewing 5 pieces of BIG RED gum
-posing with a street vendor
-doing a handstand on the sidewalk
-inside a fountain
-holding a menu to a restaurant
-with a banana
-lifting weights

We frantically rushed the city and returned to the Quizno's quite out of breath... I am proud to say Alexandra and I beat the other team handily (although we didn't figure in that one of them is currently wearing an ankle brace, but hey, it's a competition!). We took a few victory poses and compared our ridiculous pictures. My least favorite was me with an uncomfortable amount of Big Red chewing gum sitting on my tongue.

GOOD TIMES! We have a re-match scheduled for Monday and I'm definitely bringing my camera this time!

Well, this morning I am off to the teacher's retreat. I'm hoping to find some rest, relaxation, and possibly some sweet outreach ideas.

I hope you all have a splendid weekend!

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