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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What are your thoughts?

I don't have thoughts tonight.

Well, I do, but I can not put them together. I'm going to post this very raw poem and see what happens, but what I really want is to know YOUR thoughts today. What is heavy on your minds?

What is most exciting or scary for you right now? I know that sounds creepy, but no one will answer anyway, so I have to try!

This poem came after I gave the girls Bible study today on forgiveness. We are doing a Campus Crusade study on the essentials of growth and forgiveness came the second week, after assurance. I really think the girls responded well, especially to this video we showed.


After the video, we put on some Brooke Fraser and just let the girls write. If they needed to reconcile with God, forgive someone, or accept forgiveness, this was the time to sort it out. So, all that to say, this is my poem from that little reflection.

all my dirty laundry
out for all to see
inside turned out
busted, left with nothing

written on rags
my works torn to shreds
every vain effort
to cover up negligence

a tantamount failure
desperate as the air
escaping up into clouds
demanding a trial fair

unspeakable grace
for no reason, appears
forgiveness, a rush of
life and clouds clear

diseased and unworthy
covered, tucked tightly
a beautiful warmth
held in the grip of the Almighty
I'm reminded today of my desperate need for a Savior. Knowing of the sacrifice He made for one such as me, gratitude should echo from this desperate need.. and love flow like the best wine from this undeserved redemption.


Ruth Ann said...

what a beautiful video! Those girls are so lucky to have you as a mentor in their lives.

Here's my dirty laundry, Caroline. This what's scary and exciting in my life right now:

The scary part is Joe and I haven't had much time together lately. Life gets so busy and overwhelming before you know it. It's not that we are unhappy in our marriage, it's that we have somehow let it become "routine". We haven't been putting as much effort into our relationship as we used to. The exciting part is that I know that this probably means God is about to do something big. When I start feeling hopeless, I remember that life is all about seasons, and I remember that God usually uses those dark place in our lives to bring us more fully into his light. I am praying that we'll have the eyes to see and the desire to do whatever he asks of us.

Caroline said...

How precious are your thoughts, Ruth Ann! Thank you so much for sharing them! I agree - sometimes the scariest things in our lives is God's way to draw us ever closer. I will pray this for you and Joe!