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Sunday, February 14, 2010

an email from mom

First, let me say that my mom wrote a pretty awesome blog post about throwing a Valentine's party for Victor and Dennis, her African sons. Their reaction, needless to say, is hilarious and as I wandered around today handing out heart-shaped cakes and cookies I wondered if people were thinking similar strange thoughts about this gringa.

Second, today my mom sent me an email and it's inspired me to write this Sunday night by the numbers.

1. love the Bible Reading Plan (need to stay on the plan)
2. pretty excited that my car has an appointment on Wednesday
3. thinking these weeks are going to be absolutely LOCO (spiritual emphasis week, HS retreat, mission trip, family fun day...)
4. so confused why I can't get around to finishing cleaning my room
5. love the Micah boys... seriously feel like I'm hanging out with Honduran versions of my brothers
6. wouldn't mind seeing the winter wonderland of the Midwest
7. remembering the many years of hand-written poems and love-filled dinners for Valentine's Day growing up
8. discovering new music by the psalters, a group out of philly (where my friend, Nicole, just moved and so now I'm obsessed with finding cool things/music for her there:)
9. a bit tired, but already looking forward to tomorrow's coffee
10. with love, caroline

Thanks mom, for the bit of inspiration it took to come up with 10 things worth updating about. Love - keep letting it fly.

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