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Monday, February 15, 2010

olympi - what?

I'm sitting here in my room looking at my newly contrived laptop/monitor set-up (my laptop screen decided to stop lighting up), eating delicious watermelon and grapes with seeds (and trying to figure out how to type/eat/spit seeds).

It's a good night. I've got cookies just out of the oven for the Hands and Feet meeting on Wednesday. The kitchen floor is drying from a hands and feet scrubbing. Clothes are in the washer... (oops, hold on) ahem.. I mean dryer. And, yes, the room is still a mess.

Current battles:
  • how to exterminate little, bitty ants that are taking over our house
  • how to prepare food for a 6 o'clock meeting I planned for parents this Wednesday (refreshments or dinner? less work preferably)
  • how to market the student retreat (signup deadline on Wednesday) without looking desperate
  • how to love on my neighbors without being suspicious of ulterior motives (I'm talking about one very old man neighbor in particular who has said/done a few questionables) **more on this in a later post titled "my dad would be proud"
  • how to be as thoughtful as I wish I was
  • how to prioritize the randomness that is my day in a very logical non-random way
If you happened to have written how-to articles on any of these topics, please share! I am frazzled, but I suppose I am contentedly so. I know these next weeks will be absolutely insane, but I'm kind of okay with it. Bring it on, I say.

And that brings me to this so very strange question I asked myself recently, "Olympi-what?"

I had honestly no idea all the hype that is OLYMPICS 2010 was going on all over the television until I read this article about the "dirty little secret" that follows the Olympics and other international sporting events around the globe: sex-trafficking. It was more than alarming. I got a little sick to my stomach actually, when I thought of all the lights and the reporters and the athletes and then all THIS happening behind and under the fanfare.

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