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I'm a very determined kind of individual. Sometimes my determination is misplaced and things get very ugly. But, sometimes my determination leads to laughter, deep thoughts, and words on paper.

I write everything. I'm not very good at filtering ... so you will see it all. Maybe there will be a little inspiration for someone else along the way. I hope so. My sister also likes to guest blog and I'm sure you will appreciate her wit and wisdom.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Funnies

You will NOT REGRET watching this video. Seriously, it'll make your day.

My favorite line?
"I'm her mom" "No she's not!"

Question of the day: How do you feel about the Olympics? I will go on record as HATING THEM. I know this makes me unAmerican or something but I'm just not a fan. Do you watch the Olympics? What's your favorite sport? Do you judge me for hating the Olympics?

Have a great day!


Crystal Becker said...

Christina! I forgot to tell you... Eric Kober hates the Olympics too! He wanted me to tell you so you know you're not alone! :)

Ruth Ann said...

1. I laughed so hard I cried during that video!!!
2. I am judging you a little bit for hating the olympics...I don't feel like you need to love them...but hate is such a strong word.