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Monday, November 03, 2008

Hallo-when you gonna tell us what you were for Halloween?

My honorary nephew and God-son (Tina said I could call him that if I wanted... I definitely want... dang those protestants for not assigning God-parents!)was a sock monkey for Halloween.
I could just die from his cuteness. I love him so :)

What were YOU for thanksgiving? Post your costume ideas with pictures! We'd love to see them! :)


Ruth Ann said...

he is amazing!

- Christina said...

I know- Tina thinks it's so funny that I finally asked why I'm not Ti's godparent... and she's like, um, do people even do that anymore? I'm like yes! RuthAnn did! Apparantly protestants don't really do it, but she said I could call myself his godparent b/c I pray for him a lot. HAHA