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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

please pray for my gram

My gram is on my mind tonight. I just got back from a praise/worship session and before I was at a potluck for my care group and before that I was playing capture the flag and before that I was organizing a surprise party with our 10th graders for my roommate and before that I was working.

But, right now I am praying for my grandma Phyllis because she is struggling to recover after having surgery for cancer in her colon. My heart is aching for the frustration I know she must be facing right now at being immobile. I know that the Lord is holding her in His hands, but the prayers of the righteous lifted up to Him are powerful and effective. My grandpa is such a strong, steadfast man with so much love to give. I know his support of gram is endless, but both of them need strength right now.

This verse that a student gave me awhile back is again reminding me the power and authority our Lord possesses.
Isaiah 40:28
"Have you not known? Have you not heard?
The LORD is the everlasting God,
the Creator of the ends of the earth.
He does not faint or grow weary;
his understanding is unsearchable."
I just praise God for his faithfulness and pray He will be the strength and steady hand guiding both my precious grandparents tonight.

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