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Friday, February 19, 2010

two poems

Here are two poems I wrote during the course of our 8 hour ACSI conference today, after a half-day of school.

from the ground
we are just dust, just particles
chemicals and dirt and ground
one day surely we will return
one day we will be found

so, then what makes this moving flesh
a vessel for something more?
what is this skin covering-
what more than dirt and bones?

O God, pierce the very land
that makes my heart its home
till and break and make submit
this wild heart to You alone

the dirt again will overtake
my breath and my lifeblood
captive to the cycle of death
and left with death-mixed mud

O God, O God, pierce this land
so stubborn in this season
that refuses to bear the fruit you ask
the dirt defiant without reason

how does the dirt dare to ask-
how does it find a voice,
when everything about its nature
is dependent on a greater force?

with what complaint can the ground reply
to the Maker's questions
when anything good in dirt
comes at the Maker's suggestion

O God, O God please pierce this land
that makes my heart its home
till and break and make submit
this wild heart to You alone

orphan child
orphan child, wrapped in bare skin
the night stole her innocence

darkness crept where light should be
and took wholeness from her side

and yet in the deepest dark dwells
a light that burns deeper still

someday the orphan child will no longer wander
but will be captured in redemption's glorious tide

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